Behind The Scene’s With Vigore Magazine

By Gary Lake

Our photoshoot on the 20th was an awesome success; the crew worked effortlessly throughout the afternoon and evening… The 100+ temperatures made us fearful of the model’s stamina and the ability of the makeup and body art to withstand the test of time.

The crew consisted of photographer, Kevin Duncan, stylist, Luchina Danielle, makeup artist and hairstylist, Nivi Grimball, and Melissa Breeland doing body artistry. SheShe of NY furnished fashions, the jewelry hand crafted by Annice Eloise and our stunning model was Jill Sellers. Special thanks and recognition to Robert who supplied the generator for our lighting. We gathered at the office of Judi Lake Productions, co-publisher of Vigore Magazine and planned the shoot partly in JLP’s studio and partly at Azalea Park.

Makeup and body art required about an hour and a half, each artist concentrating on their craft to achieve just the perfect tones, colors and design that I had envisioned. Neither Nivi nor Melissa could have done a more perfect interpretation of what we were trying to achieve. Jill sat patiently and gruelingly still as they readied her for the shoot. We spent approximately three and a half hours in the studio then gathered the cold drinks, lighting and cords, the generator and all that was needed for touch-up throughout the shoot. We planned for 3 wardrobe changes in this shoot.

As nightfall created an eerie darkness within the wooded park, we set up the lighting and started the generator. Make up slightly touched up by Nivi, the camera settings readjusted, Kevin went to work doing his magic behind the lens as Jill performed as a seasoned professional in front. Luchina, always attentive to detail, kept the wardrobe and accessories in proper unison. Melissa’s artistry withstood the blazing heat that never subsided even after sundown. A gallery of friends gathered around as flash after flash lit the darkened skyline and the growl of the generator was ever present in the background.

Aside from the heat and the annoying bugs everything went exceptionally well except for the extremely aromatic gift left to us by a friendly neighborhood dog.

Naturally, in the darkness it was inevitable that someone would accidentally and unfortunately find this pile of unpleasantness and infuse it throughout the area by disturbing it. And so it was, as fate would have it, but a funny thing happened about the tension of the shoot, the fight for perfection, and the stress of the heat. We all seem to love making humor of the poor unfortunate that derived the good luck of sampling some on their shoe. It seemed to break the tension of the shoot and for a short time we were able to give way to the sweltering heat with some gut wrenching laughter and silly teasing of the poor unfortunate target of our misguided humor.

As the shoot began to show wearily on everyone’s faces, we gathered our equipment and headed back to the studio where we hugged and congratulated each other. We commented on how easily the shoot preparations flowed and what a pleasure it was working with each other. At around ten thirty the last of our crew left and I sat reflecting on how much I enjoyed working with these gifted professionals.

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