VIGORE! The Magazine: August, 2011

This August Issue, “Abstract Couture Expressed,” in the same fashion as our July issue, is being utilized to set the groundwork for Vigore. Foundations are extremely important, whether used for creating a magazine such as ours or for our everyday life. In this effort, we know the importance of laying the right ground work. Thus, we continue to forge ahead working towards making Vigore a platform for the up and coming while assisting those very same recipients with the ultimate guides to aide in the growth and development of their craft.

Undoubtedly, it is a labor of love for us all because anything that is worth having requires work and discipline. Then there is also the challenge of making your creation look good while you look fab at it. Notably, it can be quite a juggling act. When I hold a copy of my thoughts materialized on the page, I am once again humbled and grateful for the very passion that propels me forward. Naming this issue was a breeze when effort and the process of becoming is a constant reminder of our goals. The Code of Conduct is etched throughout the pages of this issue. It presents itself times over such as in the works of Mr. Brian Hemphill’s piece, “The Everyday Artist.”  This piece simplifies the everyday routines of life, helping us rediscover once again that life and art are one and the same. Each of us has our own Code of Conduct that we work by, live by or play by.

Take a moment and thumb your way through these pages and see how each writer, photographer, designer and/or artist’s work is used as a testament of just that. Certainly, there are those which are more boldly or subtly stated than others. Yet, uniquely, our contributors represent their very own code of standards. This is your sneak peek at the passion of these standards. You’ll also want to check out those to die for spreads that are representations from all over the globe. How amazing it is to see diversity work together so seamlessly.

This issue will be something that you’ll want to revisit over and over.

Just click on the link below, kick up your heels and enjoy!

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