Vigore Magazine and Who She Is

Unbeknownst to us, Vigore! magazine has rapidly taken on a life of her own and as a co-publisher and creative director, I honor that with pride and anticipation.

With her first issue introduced in June of 2011, we had our vision, but bullheaded as she is, Vigore! has chased fashion and her own concept of ‘abstract couture’. With that in mind, I celebrate her and am proud to share her with the world.

Unlike other fashion magazines, Vigore! does not hold fixed themes with any photo spreads

but rather,

encourages photographers, stylists and artists from around the world to freely and unabashedly use Vigore’s platform to showcase their own personal creativity that otherwise might be stifled.

In exchange, we’ve purposely formatted the spreads utilizing all free space to showcase the beauty of each photograph as full page bleeds therefore following the guidelines similar to a coffee table book rather than that of a magazine.

True to her character, Vigore! certainly does break rules here and there yet relentlessly searches the world to expose ‘hidden talent’ in fashion photography, music and art.

Why? Because we ourselves are artists in one form or another and we understand the importance ‘of being seen’ and being appreciated.

We invite you to spread the word and celebrate with us the many talents that we’ve found globally in our next issue coming this September 3.

You see,

our aim is to bring the world to you.

Stay tuned!



Judi Lake

Creative Director and Co-Publisher, Vigore Magazine


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