Vigore Magazine and Gratitude


At this moment I am extremely filled with gratitude,


within this blog post I have decided to humbly address my deep appreciation to everyone. We have successfully published our third issue of Vigore Magazine and the support we have received has been awesome. Our writers have worked tirelessly, the spreads submitted to us have been superb, and our readership has been loyal. A new magazine could not have a more successful beginning.

We began our magazine with the intention of giving the relatively unknown talent in fashion, music and art a platform to display their talent and give them an opportunity to compete with the more famous individuals within the industry. We love giving photographers the freedom to be creative in their shoots, as we give them no themes to follow. Everyone enjoys the artistic freedom to create directly from their own imaginations. We had no idea how popular this platform would become as word of us began to spread. The result: our magazine has taken the form more like a coffee table book, rather than just a fashion magazine. We are just following the path Vigore has taken for herself. Everyone seems to enjoy the fact that we “break all the rules” and just let creativity and the love of ‘over the top imaginations’ lead our way. It’s an exciting adventure watching our demographics expand throughout the globe and have the opportunity to meet so many talented people. We welcome all and any, whose passions are driven by the love of fashion, to become involved with Vigore and we will do our best to support you in your careers as well.

We have no plans of changing our platform; just plans of discovering the newest imaginations hidden in all corners of the globe. We never know who may be the next famous designer, supermodel or photographer but its so exciting giving ┬ánew talent an opportunity to be seen globally and play a small part in keeping their passions high and dreams alive. I want all our staff, readership, and those tightly woven into the fashion industry to know…Vigore Magazine is here to stay and will continue to bring you exciting new talent, interesting editorial, and spreads filled with imagination and creativity.

In conclusion, I tip my hat with gratitude and humility to everyone involved with Vigore. To be surrounded with so much talent, loyality and support leaves me in awe. I wait eagerly to see what the upcoming issues will bring. Thank you one and all!


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