No Man Is An Island

I sit behind my computer with a mind moving a million miles per minute. For those who personally know me, that’s not unusual, but the cause for this ‘head-traffic’ is a bit different. My heart is filled [to the brim] with gratitude and humility. Nothing worthwhile is ever built with the hands of one – including Vigore! – and our success is based not by one but, rather, our incredible staff and contributors. ‘No man is an island’ and that certainly holds true with the building of Vigore!

Vigore! was intentionally created to ‘be a different fashion magazine for a new generation’ that likes to break a rule or two. With February’s issue, she’s now entered her eighth month and is averaging 12 million readers in the US alone, not to mention our neighbors abroad. We’re growing daily… that, my friends, is mind-boggling.

As we scurry away from production while preparing for Fashion Week, I would like to introduce our newest fashion writer from DC, Sinta Jimenez. Vigore! is proud to have her on our masthead. Sinta is a very talented young woman and her contributions to Vigore! are a welcomed asset. If you have the time, take a peak at her site to learn more about her at:

Another mention, without a doubt, must be directed towards Vigore!‘s Creative Director, Stephen Hudgins. Stephen, a brilliant photographer, has been in the fashion industry for 25+ years and it is with his expertise that Vigore! grows and I learn. With respect, I often call him the ‘modern Richard Avedon’… his work is always on and is timeless. I urge you to take a look at his past work at:

Our February cover proudly displays the photographic technique of our fabulous UK contributor’s, Carlo and Fabiano Nicora. The mood of their spread, Chamber of Fantasies, is extraordinary and reminiscent of ‘Paris in the 1800s’.
Explore the work of this visionary husband / wife team at

We have no plans of changing our platform; only plans of perfecting it. Please know that your voice, as our readers, does matter and our goal is to serve you. Thanks to you, Vigore! Magazine is growing and we will continue to
bring you new and exciting talent from around the world. To be continuously surrounded with so much talent, loyality and support leaves me in awe so I will close this with a heartfelt thank you one and all!

Happy Valentine Day!

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