Vigore! Magazine’s Here But Late

My apologies, Vigore!‘s May issue is late – very late – but the past few weeks – actually months – has been a time of change and great challenges .…


Well, as many already know, Vigore! is relocating it’s main headquarters to South Florida. It seems to be almost an impossible task moving offices, family and our home at a time when we are most busy, but, after much contemplation, it seems best both professionally and personally. Presently, our offices have been scattered and [temporarily] divided – actually chaotic, to tell you
the truth – but June 1st is the official date we will be permanent residents of South Florida.

Our method of operation will not change; only our location will change. Presently, we are associated with people all over the world and I intend to remain approachable to the best of my ability. As Vigore! grows, it is important to me that I remain accessable to the needs of our contributors and to our readers.

And speaking of relationships, I would like to introduce two new writers to our team at Vigore!: Tracey D. Smith from Chicago, who penned this months, The Cartier Tank Watch, and Margarita Hirapetian, from California, who wrote the piece, Louis Vuitton: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Know. Both women are wonderful additions to our magazine and I believe you will enjoy their future works very much! And while I’m thinking of it, don’t be shy in contacting any of our writers or photographer’s; your feedback – just as in our “Letter’s In” section – is much appreciated!

There’s much to share with you but, at present, am honestly conscious of the fact we’ve yet not gone live yet – still a few more last minute things so…. I shall work with our art department and, as I had said previously, the move is arduous – very much so – so, please have patience with us and the next couple of issues will arrive – maybe a little late – but we’ll be there! And, thank you for your support; you are what makes Vigore!

With love and appreciation,

Judi Lake / Publisher, Vigore! Magazine

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