Reem Acra Fall/Winter 2012


Lisan J. Simpson

On February 13th, Reem Acra wowed onlookers as her Fall/Winter 2012 collection strutted down the runway at Lincoln Center, asserting the feminine power she intended for this showcase. The designs were strong, edgy & remarkable in its execution as each piece was crafted with the same attention to detail she lends to the wedding gowns she’s most known. This ready-to-wear collection projects confidence, glamour and sophistication without disqualifying the sex appeal that radiates from any woman who dares to wear a Reem Acra piece. This woman is a leader of her destiny and makes this clear the moment she walks into a room.

Her instinctual ability to mix hard & soft textural elements were evident as power suits made of leather opened the show, and lead the way to a continuous flow of visual opulence as embroidered lace sheaths, felted wool coats and show stopping floor length gowns graced the runway. This collection demonstrated the evolution of her signature technique of embroidery, which was the skill that helped launch her career as a designer. Embroidered silk chiffon and lace provided the touch of luxury that balanced the scale of femininity in this season’s body of work.

Although Reem Acra became known in the industry for her bridal wear, This Lebanese born designer continues to show her versatility with each ready-to-wear collection she has presented over the decade. She is impactful in her artistry; with the clever and intricate ways she is able to manipulate fabrics through embroidery. She also demonstrates her understanding of the female form with daring combinations of exposed skin and sumptuous fabric, drawing intrigue to every show-stopping piece she presents to the fashion world.


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