Vigore Magazine Loves No No Hair Removal

September has been one hectic month! Just when everything seemed to be going well, [hurricane] Isaac had given us a visit resulting in four challenging days without computer usage which created the domino effect of all being late yet,

we’ve got much to thank God for because, although inconvenienced, we were safe and kept our prayers going for the more dangers as Isaac visited Louisiana….

Apart from Mother Nature’s boldness, September has also brought upon yet another season of fashion week in both NY and London. So as production was in full force for our magazine, teams were sent to both locations in which you will see in our October issue filled with many exciting Spring/Summer 2013 collections.

Among many things, Vigore! is pleased in promoting our reviews for the No!No! Hair Removal system. This revolutionary new product is sweeping the globe and Vigore! is proud to be a part of this technology by giving a three month evaluation of its effectiveness.

Three of Vigore!‘s staff will be using the No!No! system and will be outlining their experiences and results in each of the three consecutive issues beginning with our October issue. Our chosen staff participants will be of different nationalities, skin and hair types. This will give Vigore! the opportunity to relate the results of the No!No! system to virtually anyone interested in this innovative product. If shaving, waxing, and electosis have become tiresome, painful, and/or expensive for you, the No!No! system may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

If you want freedom from shaving, waxing, etc., then check out their website: – hey, you’ve nothing to lose; they give a 60 day money back guarantee but I bet you won’t return it!


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