Vigore! Magazine’s First Spring_Summer 2013 FW Supplement Issue

Love is in the air and so is glorious, Spring/Summer fashion this season! So, with all of our fashionista’s in mind, Vigore! has created it’s very first Fashion Week Supplement featuring Spring/Summer 2013 designers from both New York and London…

Fashion this Spring will be fun and Vigore! already has it’s favorites! Our NY main photographer at NY Fashion Week was our very talented Alejandro Cerdeña with fashion writer’s, Tijana Ibrahimovic and Lisan J. Simpson. London was handled spectacularly by Rania Rustom who captured some fabulous shows including the advant-garde artisty of Mark Fast, Peter Pilotto and Louise Gray.

With all the buzz regarding Fashion Week let’s begin our journey with a few interesting FW fun facts. Did you know:

Fashion Week(s) started out as trade-only events that were open to buyers and manufacturers. But over the years, they have become glamorous entertainment and media events, attracting celebrities to its front rows.

New York Fashion Week is the oldest, having been inaugurated in 1943 by fashion publicist Elenor Lamber who wanted to give American designers a chance to showcase their works and to draw attention away from fashion-stalwart Paris. The newest of the four is London.

• About 40 fashion weeks are held in different cities around the world every year. But the Big Four are in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and they are the most prestigious.

Each of ‘the Big Four’ is known for championing different styles: New York for sportswear; London for edgy, avant-garde design; Milan for its over-the-top yet stylish looks; and Paris for haute couture. The Big Four always take place in this order: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

If you’ve additional fun facts don’t hesitate to email us and we will print yours!

And now, let the show begin!


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