Vigore! Magazine Loves Art

mmm… Spring is here… with flower’s blooming and color exploding everywhere, how appropriate that Vigore!‘s May issue should be our ‘Art’ issue…

and, oh, the colors and imagination to be found within this issue!

We, at Vigore!, see fashion and art everywhere so it should not be any surprise that we cited famous ‘comic strip’ fashionistas of yesterday… not ‘superheroes’ but true fashionista’s and trendsetters with our Creative Director, Shawn Pinckney, choosing his special fav….

I’d like to especially thank all photographer’s who’ve contributed to this issue: Rich Jackson [“Color ‘Em Tropicale!” and, “Simply Sylla”], Marc Evans [La Noblesse D’Apparenence], Eric T. Williams [Cameron], Paolino [Mystique] and Greg Alexander [Moulin Rouge]… their individual talent created ‘a team’ effort in pulling our first ‘Art issue’ together with of course a huge kudos to our cover editorial, Franz Szony.

So much for you… in addition to the photo editorials please be sure to check Christina Jeter’s story on the incredible UK designer, Samantha Cole London… surely one of Vigore!‘s favorites and the eclectic art of Laurence Gartel – a fun piece by feature writer, Tracey D. Smith!

A note of change: yes, our publishing date has been changed to mid-month so that all can enjoy Vigore! in your leisure without being overwhelmed but the many publication’s that come out at the beginning of each month…

A heartfelt thank you for your continued support and loyalty; Vigore! can not “be” without you!

And, now, let the show begin!

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