Rafael Cennamo_21 Shades of Dramatic Perfection

By Tijana Ibrahimovic

When I walked into Rafael Cennamo presentation my blood stirred up of the excitement. Talk about dramatic, modern baroque style.

This young designer reached perfection with his latest collection inspired by the golden shades of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors! Walking around the room did feel like walking around “Grande Galerie” in the palace of Lincoln Center.

I am glad this was a presentation because each design deserved a certain amount of time to be studied. Each piece of the collection was very complex. You could feel the passion in each movement of the fabric. In every stitching there was a thought, there was a piece of Rafael’s spirit.

Fabrics of the collection are impeccably chosen for the theatrical style this designer possesses. The combination of lace, velvet, cashmere and fine mesh just leaves you breathless!


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