je suis charlie

1_je suis charlie_COVER_JULY_2014_Vigore_Cover_2013Currently overtired and over mediated from the flu yet cannot get my mind free of the carnage done in Paris. Perhaps the reality hits harder because, as a NYer, I personally experienced 9-11 walking through that carnage only 4 days after the attack. I’ve seen with my own eyes a city brought to its knees yet even the madness of the terrorists could not take away the resilient spirit of New York or even our nation – together, hand in hand, we worked through the tragedy without a single protest or violence. Stores I often frequented had become temporary morgues while seeing pieces of the trade center being removed piece by piece via trucks down Broom Street – it was a war zone with endless funerals and this memory will never fade just as my heartfelt sadness for Paris remains….

I am an artist. I am a designer and I am a publisher and although the content of my magazine differs tremendously from Charlie Hebdo what we’ve got in common is honoring freedom and ‘dancing our own dance’ regardless of what other’s think. Vigore! Magazine has broken boundaries that the average mind doesn’t even understand and Vigore! Magazine will continue to do so. To stand idle against freedom is a sin and, to me, unAmerican. Our spirits are stronger then our enemies; something they will never understand. We are not cowards nor are we ignorant – we are free people with a history of many who’ve died and sacrificed for those freedoms therefore making many of us ‘warriors’… therefore, in solidarity, je suis charlie!

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