Vigore Magazine Opens Paris Office

Almost four years ago, in the summer of 2011, Vigoré! Magazine was introduced to the world. An artist myself, I had no idea nor plan for the magazine’s direction and decided to ‘allow’ it to choose it’s own path. Within the first 10 minutes of being published, the mere ’10 likes’ on facebook grew to an immediate 2500 and has been growing ever since.

Throughout the years, there have been countless highs and lows but, as the saying goes, Vigoré! indeed ‘kept on trucking’. Our popularity grew from the thousands into the millions with a steady worldwide readership that kept me both humble and in awe. Though it was I that was credited, I actually had nothing to do with Vigoré!‘s growth – it was ‘the magazine’ – something that’s bigger than myself or anyone else.

Greg Alexander portrait

Greg Alexander, Co-publisher of Vigore! Magazine

Four years later, I find her ‘maturing’ into ‘the woman she is meant to be’. Undoubtedly, Vigoré! has chosen ‘to major in fashion’ and minor in art and music. I set her ‘free’ and thus emerged the new partnership from Paris, Mr. Greg Alexander – an extraordinarily talented man who ‘understands’ and now stands beside me as co-publisher. The merge makes complete sense as my own roots stem from Europe and Greg brings to Vigoré! a hand she must hold.

I thank all for your steady loyalty mixed with sometimes caring criticism. Our next portion of this journey proves to not only be exciting but necessary. Vigoré! has finally outgrew her ‘awkward stage’ and has come to be who she is, and, I, as her creator, am proud to join partnership with my new, talented Parisian team which also includes the talent of Sébastien Vienne, Carine Larchet, GaÎlle Bertoletti, Eléonore Boccara and Audrey Ibanez!

Viva la Vigoré! and much thanks to all of you; without you, Vigoré! would not be!

And now, as we enter production for our next, summer issue, please rescan and enjoy our current “Rebirth Issue”.

Vigore!’s “Rebith” Issue Is Here! Read, Relax, and… Enjoy!


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