Vigore and Men In Tuxedos

Tuxedo: Hugo Boss;
Shirt: Dolce&Gabbana;
Bow-tie: H&M
Art director: Sébastien Vienne.

What does a Chinese action hero, an agent of her majesty’s secret service, and a well intentioned penguin have in common? The penguin who is named Tennessee, who’s only dream in life is to be human, has the last name of Tuxedo. Tennessee Tuxedo lives in a zoo and spends his days trying to solve problems alongside his BFF Chumly a walrus, the way that humans often do usually without any flair and subsequently ends up quite the whirling dervish, being scuttled fore and aft. But he tries. Now the latter two gents are more in keeping with the dapperness of the unit itself and if for nothing else they are indeed human, for Tennessee Tuxedo is a very classic beloved American cartoon character. Jackie Chan is a movie actor action hero who also starred opposite actress Jennifer Love Hewitt in the aptly titled movie Tuxedo, who when puts on his bosses tuxedo is bestowed with extraordinary powers.

And not unlike Tennessee, also ends up a whirling dervish, which leads us to the last installment which is a gentleman who unlike  Mr. Chan, nor Mr. Tuxedo tends to always land on his feet, a boat, yacht, a tank, and almost always under a woman. We’re still trying to figure that one out? The name is Bond, James Bond and yes he can certainly drink any one of us under the proverbial table be he Sean, Roger, Pierce, etc. you do the math. He takes his martini’s shaken not stirred, and yet quite unlike Superman, a gent who has his own suit (but that’s another story) does smoke, drink, swear, and doesn’t always tell the truth. But what he does do is look mighty dapper in a tux. Blimey! It’s a pretty good idea to know about the history of the tuxedo even if your plans are not grandiose.

While once upon a time it was considered semi-formal the tuxedo has now become somewhat the standard representing the quintessential level of dress for a gentleman especially in America. Seems that in 1860 Henry Pool & Company derived a rather short smoking jacket that was poka-dotted and thus gone on to be worn by a Mr. James Potter an uber wealthy New Yorker while on a trip to the UK. Upon returning home Mr. Potter wore the suit to the Tuxedo Park Club, a residential country club frequented by the upper elite of New York society. He showed up, the membership went gaga (not that Gaga) and soon thereafter adopted it as their own informal dining uniform and quicker than you can say MI-6, the name was born.  Just try sticking that into your Moneypenny! Ohh James!

—Rich Jackson

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