Vigoré!’s, September, 2015 “Indian Summer” issue. Cover photography by Marc Evans

To say we’ve been away for awhile is quite the understatement! Vigoré!‘s last issue was our “Indian Summer” issue published September 2015. So what happened? Where’d Vigoré! go? Many thought it had its run but nothing is further than the truth.

Actually ‘life’ happened.

I for one moved to another state with my family. Also, within the past year and a half, quite a few friends and associates had passed away as well … friends and associates I took for granted that they’d

always be there,


they’re not.

Then, compounded with all, there was an election to deal with. Never had our America become more divided,

but knowing history,

we will survive!

Survival and new beginnings… These are key. It happens in life and it happens in business.

Vigoré! is back! With this issue being lovingly dedicated to Ms. Renee Lipsey – an incredible woman and creative that truly left this world far too young passing away

March 2017.… we grieve her loss but we also know our work is beginning a new phase. An exciting phase. A stronger phase. And a phase Renee would be excited


Take this journey with us towards undiscovered territories… Why? Because you’ve always been there for us and we really never left you!

With much love,

Judi Lake, Publisher

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