Vigore! Magazine’s USA Indian Summer 2015 Issue is Here

Vigoré! Magazine‘s USA “Indian Summer” 2015 issue is here! Read, relax and enjoy!
300 glorious pages of fashion, art and excitement! Vigoré! Magazine: a fashion magazine for a new generation.
A huge thank you to all our contributor’s for this very special issue! 



Stop the presses! Stop the presses!

Ok it’s summer, summer, summer yet why do I feel so FALL? With all of those stars at Cannes, my girl Natasha Poly was the bell of the ball! Make baby proud momma! Make baby proud! And just like the flashy-girl-from-Flushing, she was the lady in gold when everybody else was wearing tan. Such Joie de Vivre!


Natasha Poly at Cannes Film Festival, 2015 wearing Michael Kors.


Natasha Poly at Cannes Film Festival, 2015 wearing Atelier Versace.


“All Over the World”


And quicker than you can say Bang-Shang-A-Lang, Mango fashion house took us back to the 70’s, or (was that the future?) with their Fall 2015 Premium collection! Upon seeing the lookbook it was the actual location settings that took me back more so than the line itself. The Archies may not have been in that book, but neither were the clothes. Which leads me to ask “What’s Going On?”



“When in Rome.”
Like the bored, sheltered princess who escapes here guardians and falls for the American businessman in Rome? It was actually he who fell for the princess thanks to her Valentino Fall/Winter 2015-’16 wardrobe supplied by Maria Grazia Chiuri, and Pier Paola Piccioli. Which BTW took her right back where she started complete with crowns, gowns, jewelry of gold, sheer fabrics of bold and blacks, red hues to totally compliment the “how-do-you-do’s.” A romantic runway getaway fit for a coliseum or a “Roman Holiday.” And this gal ain’t lion!


Valentino, Fall/Winter 2015-’16

“Leaf Us Alone”
Will someone please tell Donatella Versace to please “Leaf Us Alone!” Miss V came out guns a blazin’ with a gang of the beauty business’ top nymphs, Karlie Kloss, Anna Ewers, Joan Smalls, and the generatious (is that even a word?), Kendall Jenner. All of the models sporting vine headbands made of leaves and shimmery makeup courtesy of the ubiquitous Pat McGrath to which I have this to say to her “Hey Pat, do me! Do Me!

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner goes sheer in black while walking the runway during the Atelier Versace Show held at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016.


“Guys and Dolls”
Never been to Broadway, but did you see the Galliano for Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter? Damn! He did a girl proud by also dressing up the guys! They were all dolled up proving that a cross-pollination has indeed occurred. He did it with backless skirts, colored stenciled faces, (What!), in all the right places. Looks to this gal like captain Hook is slowly getting “off his hook” in very creative ways! OK he stays!

Shout Outs!
To the GREAT Natasha Poly aka Aleksandra’s mom, for not only giving a week long lesson on red carpet style & grace, but for her being bestowed with the “Sexiest Dress on the Red Carpet award at Cannes Film Festival 2015!” And on her recent birthday done up in roarin’ 20’s flapper style complete with a gorgeous, gorgeous golden gown by her dear friend Donatella Versace! And Natasha can cook too!

To J Crew for the creating of Mercantile! NOW they’ve got real style for the masses! To that nice beautiful Gigi Hadid for her work with the Max Mara campaign and for her V cover with sis Bella! Not to mention her current cover and feature editorial for Vogue Brazil. Which simply proves that sistas’s really are doing it for themselves!


Serena Williams wears a Rag & Bone sheath dress. Tate diamond bracelets. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, April 2015

Serena Vogue Williams on winning the 2015 Wimbledon Women’s Championship, and doing so with grace despite European race issues with her race. Thank you J. K. Rowling for literally telling them to, in the immortal words of wizard Ron Weasley “eat slugs!” For they were truly acting in the best tradition of Drago Malfoy.

To Joan Smalls, Kendall, Isabeli Fontana for becoming the faces of Calvin Klein underwear for the fall 2015 campaign.

Isabeli Fontana calvin klein fall 2015 ad campaign

Calvin Klein fall 2015 ad campaign.

Meghan Wiggins from Elle Russia

Meghan Wiggins from Elle Russia editorial/GUESS? campaign

To The FACE OF HER GENERATION and NY based model Meghan Wiggins! Why? Because she simply IS….

Chanel Iman for her cover and editorial for California Style magazine as well as for appearing/starring in her first full length feature movie out now entitled “Dope!

Inside Couture TV. For ALWAYS, ALWAYS, getting it right! With A list interviews from OUR world. Like sitting in the chair with Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Jay Leno, and Dave Letterman! And for you youngsters going “Huh?”…GO EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!…BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Hairstylist Sammie Jo Gardner who’s fingers are apparently so talented that a stealth league of masseuse’s have been tryin’ to Bugsy Segal her (bump her off), for the past few years. Seems they just don’t wanna believe that she is a HAIR stylist and not there to monopolize their livelihood! Did I happen to mention that she is Jean Tierney beautiful and she’s PLATINUM BLONDE! All the makings of a HUSH magazine cover story! Oh, where-o-where are MY seams when I need them?

House of Chanel goes Casino Royale. Do Tell! For the Fall 2015 couture with Vegas allure, gambling tables galore. Chanel left the audience mesmerized and panting for more! With black hair for all of the girls to make them look couture for sure. Oh CRAPS! NEVER a winner on this table.

“From the girls with an attitude to fella’s that were in the mood. From geekdom to chic’dom and all clothing racks in between!” It was nice blogging with you! Until next week!

Puss! Puss!

John Galliano’s Gender-Bending Paris Couture Show

John Galliano‘s first show at Paris haute couture on July 8, since his firing from Dior, featured three male models: John Whiles, Carl Hejm Sandqvist and Roan Louch… With Galliano sending them down the runway in a gender-bending couture show for Maison Margiela and was…  BRILLIANT!

According to, the casting director of Margiela, Shaun Beyen, said: “We didn’t want it to become a gimmick. It was a profound statement because there’s so much being discussed at the moment about gender fluidity and gender neutrality.”

Whatever the impact, Vigoré! loves Galliano just loves him – as he’s certainly succeeded in transforming Maison Margiela’s brand to a new, exciting level!

Photography by Francois Durand/Getty Images.