Vigore! Magazine’s USA Indian Summer 2015 Issue is Here

Vigoré! Magazine‘s USA “Indian Summer” 2015 issue is here! Read, relax and enjoy!
300 glorious pages of fashion, art and excitement! Vigoré! Magazine: a fashion magazine for a new generation.
A huge thank you to all our contributor’s for this very special issue! 


Vigore!’s “There Is A Season 2014 Issue is here!

So much has happened since our last issue… yes,
‘The Final Issue’…

Once announced that Vigore!
was ending, we were bombarded with hundreds of
emails worldwide asking us to reconsider…

I pen this in humility as I had no idea how many loyal followers we actually
and so,
within this issue we, of course salute the late Oscar de la Renta; ‘our’ Joan
all our fabulous contributor’s,
and you,
our readers…

It is for you,
and you alone,
that Vigore! Magazine will continue.

Usually long-winded,
I will keep this simple,
with an abundance of gratitude
and love…

Thank you all for caring enough to let us know. In this world of ‘cyber-connections’
it is sometimes hard to know,
but now we do
and Vigore! Magazine moves forward stronger than ever!
And, now, let the show begin!
With much love, appreciation and gratitude,

Judi Lake, Publisher
Vigore! Magazine