0+0+0 Multiplied by 0 = PLUS SIZE? Is there a 0 in PLUS SIZE?

It’s no secret that for years – many years – all, especially the fashion industry, have celebrated primarily thin woman.

And, although in 2017 we want to present ourselves as ‘tolerant’, discrimination of weight sadly still exists.

But to avoid ‘the guilt of discrimination’, some go over-board ‘to prove acceptance’.

Every year, magazines publish a ‘plus-size’ supplement… why?

Everyone tells everyone to praise ‘the plus-size’ woman… why?

Fashion designers swear fashion is not just designed for the thin woman yet…

most of the fabulous fashion is available mostly for the thin.

Why does the ‘plus-size fashion’ industry showcase mostly ‘frumpy’ looks for the young twenty-something’s that even the grandma would reject?

Why is it that a ‘plus-size’ woman isn’t considered ‘sexy’?

Where is the ‘0’ in a plus-size?

Well, let’s begin by admitting that there is indeed discrimination towards those who are over-weight.

As a classically trained artist, I, personally, adore a woman with flesh. Added with the dramatic rembrandt lighting, the curves and shadows within a ‘fleshy woman’ is truly beautiful.

And, speaking of art, Peter Paul Rubens is celebrated as one of the greatest painters of his age.

And who was his most famous subjects? Rubens most famous subjects were ‘fat women’ or the ‘plus-size’ women or, better yet, and more classy, the ‘voluptuous women’. I actually prefer ‘voluptuous’ to describe a fleshy woman.

Actually, Rubens was more than a painter of voluptuous women but today that is what he is identified with documenting glorious ladies ‘of a certain size’ in his distinctive brushstrokes. The term, ‘Rubenesque’, was actually coined from Rubens work.

But, let’s call it what it is: Rubens made big beautiful!…

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“Summer, you old Indian summer
You’re the tear that comes after June-time’s laughter
You see so many dreams that don’t come true
Dreams we fashioned when summertime was new.…”
—Lyrics, Big Band Musician, Glenn Miller


For most Fall’s begun;

Summer clothes have been neatly packed away being replaced by all the
lovely hues of Fall filling all closets and drawers…

but, the fact is that Vigore!’s publisher is a Gemini
and although we should be publishing exciting Fall fashion,
I wasn’t quite ready to dismiss Summer’s mood and decided ‘to break tradition’….

I’m sure all publications will feature the season this month,
but, if you would,
I’d like to invite you on a journey celebrating Summer’s last breath….

Originally, this issue was titled ‘The Autumn’ issue but then I thought of the
song, “Indian Summer” recorded by Frank Sinatra in the late 1960s and
viola! – Autumn’s theme was immediately switched to “Indian Summer”…

So there you have it – we’re just not ready to let go yet…

Enjoy and thank you for all the love you give to Vigoré!… without you, there’d
be no Vigoré!…

And, now, let the show begin!

With love and appreciation,
Judi Lake
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief